Pisano Bunker


We make bunker supply happen
delivering flawless services.


24-Hour Service

Our Mission has been the same since the Company was established: We make bunker supply happen “delivering” a good service prior to and after the delivery itself. Our customers can be confident that their enquiries will be handled with the maximum care and competence.

We can act as Brokers or Traders to provide the maximum of flexibility to fit each customer needs.

Pisano Bunker has enjoyed credit lines for a long time with many independent suppliers around the world as well as with main Majors.

We serve any kind of ships: General cargo vessels, Container vessels, Cruise vessels, Research vessels, Tug, platforms… working with Owners and Charterers.

Pisano Bunker is also the preferred partner for some International Trading firms within Med Area, especially when their vessels calling Italian ports.

Market Analysis

We can issue tailored market indications reports providing useful information for the recipient. Contact us and tell us what we can do to support your business and your decisions.

Full assistance during negotiation, nomination, and after sales

We are independent market players with a flexible approach to product sources wherever you need the product delivered. We have been on the market for more than 50 years and this guarantees that we know what we do. Our core capability is based on “knowledge”:

  • knowledge of different Geographical markets;
  • knowledge of reliable Suppliers;
  • knowledge of our Customer’s needs.

Spot Deals & Long Term Contracts

For each enquiry, we always contact the suppliers in position to give the best prices together with the best quality/service in any given moment.

Being on the market for over 50 years we enjoy good relations not only with suppliers (Majors and Independents) but also with barging companies and with the most important maritime agencies.

We can help our clients on spot deals suggesting the right timing to fix according to the market movements. We can assist in issuing any kind of contract.

Claim's Assistance

In case of any dispute related to the bunker supplied, we will handle and assist our clients to solve the claims in the easiest and fastest possible way.

Green Transition

We can assist Customers in buying carbon credits on the Voluntary carbon market and to comply with EU ETS Allowances.

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